Live Shipping Map

If you see a ship or boat off the coast and you’re like us, you’ll probably be curious to know what it is, which is why I’ve included this live vessel finder map.


Distances – The grey contour line is 12 nautical miles (nm) from the coastline and the map scale is given top left.

Vessel Info – Simply click/tap on a vessel to see a photo and more info (i.e. its destination, when it’s due to arrive there and its current speed). To see all of the info window on a phone you might have to drag the map to the left.

Browsing – It’s been set-up so that you can see straight away what’s just off the Mundesley coast, but you can zoom in/out and drag around to look anywhere on the planet. Refresh the page If you want to return to the Mundesley area.

What’s that flashing light on the horizon?

Well, there’s a whole load of activity off the Mundesley coast so it could be anything…but if you see it night after night and it’s not moving (apart from bobbing around), it’s probably this light buoy – N HAISBRO. It’s about 8 miles out to sea, but if you’re on the cliffs and it’s clear, you can see it day or night with an average pair of binoculars.

N HAISBRO Cardinal Buoy. Image copyright as indicated.