Weather Info

The temperature info at the top of this site is measured live from our own weather station and refreshed every 15 minutes.

More detailed info is coming soon, like tides, wind speed, humidity and solar radiation – just perfect for those of us that live here or visit the coast for leisure. This site has actually been up since 2011, and all of that info was here before we were hacked by a pointlessly destructive computer virus I’ve had had enough of viruses in 2020). Never mind, the info is coming back and I’ve improved quite a few things…including backing up the site, so if the same happens again we’ll be back up and running in minutes, not months. While we’re all waiting for me to get the work done maybe you’d like to know a bit more about the site.

This is both a photo blog and weather information site. As a photographer with a thing for the skies (more about me here) it was inevitable that I’d end up with a weather station – it’s just what happens. Putting the live info on the web for others seemed a natural thing to do, and anyway, if you look up the weather in Mundesley you’ll probably be given Norwich or North Walsham forecasts – both inland and not at all what’s going on here (although the heading will still say Mundesley). The station info here is definitely measured in Mundesley and generally not more than 15 minutes old.

The station is situated just opposite Mundesley’s Trimingham beach and cliffs, we’re right on the coast. When the North Easterly winds come off the North Sea, we get them first!