About Me

Photo of Paul Houghton in 2018
“I strive to make beautiful pictures. There aren’t any rules, just a series of choices along the way – do or don’t do, that’s my job. The final decision – like or don’t like – that’s your job. Actually, I really like the sound of your job.”

I’m Dr Paul Houghton – and I suppose all you really need to know about me is that I’m a collector of dramatic skies and seas and just a teensy weensy bit of a weather junkie.

With this blog I want to share what it is that I love about the skies, seascapes, landscapes and life along and around our fantastic coast.

I’m not putting together a weather documentary and don’t go expecting any science or adherence to photographic or artistic ideals. I’m all about colour, contrast, drama, composition, story, and the beautifully contrasting structure and chaos of naturally occurring art.